Looking for Sport Relief 2018?

So, here's the idea...

Host a quiz at work or the pub, and get everyone to pay to play. Our ready-made quiz has everything you need, from questions and answers to scoresheets and simple steps to promote and put on a winning event.

Get a local business to donate a prize for the winners and run a sweepstake on the side.

Get your tools to help you fundraise

Now, get equipped for this idea with these carefully selected tools:


This ready-made quiz has everything you need to run a crowd-pleasing event.


Poster Pack

An array of show-stopping posters to help publicise your fundraising.


Sweepstake Poster

Use this sweepstake poster to boost your fundraising total.


Money Box

Create a money box for cash donations. Just print this and follow our easy instructions.


All sorted?
Now, go out and fundraise!

Of all the money you raise this Sport Relief, the 50% that’s spent internationally will be matched by the UK government up to £10 million.