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We've got loads of great ideas and useful downloadable tools just for you, to help make fundraising as easy and fun as possible! We've also got loads of stuff for you to use if you're fundraising in a school or nursery.

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Top tools to help you fundraise

We've created lots of tools, especially for you, to make your fundraising easy and enjoyable. Here are our top three. There are also tools for you if you entered the Sainsbury's Sport Relief Games to help you raise life-changing sponsorship money.

Fundraising Kit

Everything you need to get your fundraising off to a flying start.

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Getting sponsored? Get a Giving Page

A Giving Page is the quickest, easiest, and securest way to fundraise online.

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Great Sport Relief Bake Off Kit

It’s got everything you need to put on a show-stopping bake sale and raise lots of yummy money.


Do you want an easy way to fundraise online?

The quickest and easiest way to fundraise online is to set up your very own, personalised Sport Relief Giving Page.

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You can see your name and face on the Sport Relief site, by adding a photo to our Fundraiser Gallery or getting into the top 100 on our Fundraiser Leaderboard.

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Meet our fundraisers

Meet Erin

"I saw pictures of children who needed help so I wanted to challenge myself to make a difference."

Meet Erin

Meet Team CSE

"Our seven-day challenge brought everyone together to raise money for an amazing cause."

Meet Team CSE

Meet the Nellist sisters

"We had this 'little' walk, in comparison to the hard lives other people were living; we had to finish it."

Meet the sisters

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