Find your perfect way to fundraise

Whether at work, school or in your local community, there’s a way to join in the Sport Relief fun that’s right for you, and the cash you raise could transform someone’s life.

Run a caption competition

Run a caption competition with your favourite sporting pic and ask for donations to take part.

Wax your hairiest bits

Guys: rock a sporty, aerodynamic look by getting sponsored to wax your hairiest bits.

Ditch the work attire for a day

Pay to ditch the work attire and dress down for the day.

Skip your morning coffee and pastry

Skip your morning coffee and pastry and donate the money you save.

Party in your all-in-one

Have a party in your all-in-one for the night of Sport Relief TV with everyone paying a donation to join in.

Wear sports gear to work

Get everyone to pay a donation to wear sports gear to work for the day.

Walk or cycle to work

Walk or cycle to work for a week and donate the money you save.

Give something up

Get sponsored to give something up, like your beloved mobile, Twitter or biscuits.

Do a sponsored silence

Do a sponsored silence for a day. A quiet fundraising classic.

Do all the household chores

Get in shape by doing all the household chores, for a small fee of course.

Be the office servant

Be the office servant for the day and get paid to do jobs.

Set up a swear box

Set up a swear box at your gym or work and raise a $*(%*^! fortune.

Complete a mile in an inventive way

Get sponsored to complete a mile in your own inventive way, like on a pogo stick.

Do a tug of war between departments

Do a tug of war between departments and make the losers pay!

Watch your least favourite sport

Get sponsored to watch your least favourite sport for a whole day.

Sell a service

Sell a service, like back or foot massages. Who could resist?

Hold a pub games tournament

Put on a pub games tournament and charge a small fee to enter.

Sell unwanted items on an online auction

Sell some unwanted items at a car boot sale or on an online auction for charity.

Host a penalty shoot-out

Host a penalty shoot-out and charge for a go at goal.

Tie yourself to a colleague

Tie yourself to a (willing) colleague for the day and get sponsored for your double-dare.

Dress up as your favourite sports star

Get sponsored to come to work dressed as your favourite sports star.

Do an office fun run or walk

Get sponsored to do a lunch-hour office fun run or walk.

Hold a cake sale

Hold a cake sale, for a tried-and-tested fundraising classic that really brings in the dough.

Do your own cycle ride

Do your own cycle ride and get sponsored to go the distance.

Make a big personal change

Get sponsored to make a big personal change, quit a bad habit or get into shape.

Offer coaching lessons

Gifted at something? Offer coaching lessons for a fee.

Do a 'dance-a-thon'

Get sponsored to
do a ‘dance-a-thon’.

Play a match in your all-in-one

Part of a sport team? Get sponsored to play a match (or a season) in your all-in-ones.

Have a clothes swap with friends

Invite your friends to a clothes swap at home where they pay to enter and get kitted out.

Sell raffle tickets to win a prize

Sell raffle tickets to win a fantastic prize donated by your local gym, cinema or restaurant.

Hold a karaoke party

Hold a karaoke party where people pay to sing. You could even throw in a few sports anthems.

Have a staff exercise bike relay

Set up an exercise bike in reception and get sponsored to cycle in a staff relay.

Hold a Sport Relief quiz

Host a special Sport Relief quiz night with everyone paying a donation to enter.

Run your own yoga or aerobics class

Hijack the boardroom and run your own yoga or aerobics class for a fee.

Put on a lunch-time bring-and-buy sale

De-clutter and raise tons with a lunch-time bring-and-buy sale.

Hold a games console tournament

Hold a games console sports tournament and charge a fee to enter.

Arrange a cycle challenge with friends

Arrange your own cycle challenge, like a relay race with friends between local landmarks.

Take on an epic challenge

Get sponsored to take on an epic challenge, like swimming the distance of the channel.

Hold a speed dating night

For flirty fundraising, hold a speed dating night and sell tickets to the event at local sports clubs.

Challenge a local or rival team to a friendly

Challenge a local team or rival club to a friendly footie match and charge everyone to take part.

Take on a team abseiling challenge

Don’t look down! Get sponsored to rise to the challenge and take on a team abseiling challenge.

Set up a golf day

Set up a golf day and ask for donations for people to take part.

Complete a 24-hour sports tournament

Get sponsored to complete a 24-hour cricket, netball or football tournament with friends or workmates.

Complete an epic challenge

Complete an epic challenge, like a marathon run, and get sponsored for your efforts.

Row the Thames on a rowing machine

Get sponsored to row the length of the Thames on a rowing machine.

Hold a distance exercise bike relay

Hold an exercise bike relay with colleagues and get sponsored to cycle the distance between Lands End and John O’Groats.

Put on a staff talent show

Who’s got talent? Find out with a staff talent show and charge people to watch.

Hold an old-school sports day

Hold an old-school sports day (sack races, tug of war) and the losing team pays a forfeit donation.

Say thank you to your sponsors

Make sure your remember to say thank you to those people that have sponsored you

Promote your fundraising at work

Ask your employer to help you promote your fundraising.

Have a fundraising forfeit

Have a fundraising forfeit – raise a set amount and offer to get gunged if you hit it.

Get sponsors to tick the Gift Aid box

If your sponsors are eligible for Gift Aid, make sure they tick the box on your sponsorship form.

Run a sweepstake for your finish time

If you’re doing a challenge, run a sweepstake with friends to guess your finish time. The person with the closest time wins a prize.

Take your challenge to the next level

Take your challenge to the next level. So, if you’re doing a marathon, maybe do it wearing an all-in-one.

Get your boss to sponsor you

Get your boss to sponsor you – everyone will want to see how generous they are and will hopefully follow suit.

Carry a sponsorship form everywhere

Carry a sponsorship form everywhere you go – especially at parties when everyone might be feeling quite lavish.

Ask your workplace to match your total

Ask your workplace if they'll match what you get sponsored - it could double your total.

Get your first sponsorship quickly

Make sure you get your first sponsorship quickly, others will follow soon after.

Ask your nearest and dearest first

Ask your closest family, friends and work colleagues to sponsor you first.

Tell people where the money goes

Tell friends and family why you’re fundraising; give them examples of where the money goes.

Use social media

Shout about your efforts on social media, like posting pictures of your training. It’ll help you raise more.

Raise more with fundraising extras

Maximise what you raise with a few fundraising extras. Holding a quiz night? Why not do a raffle and sell refreshments too?

Incentives for sponsors

Give your sponsors an incentive, like letting your biggest sponsor choose what you wear for a day.

Sponsorship after payday

Ask people to sponsor you just after payday, when they’ll be feeling more generous.

Ask to return the favour

Go to people you’ve sponsored in the past and ask them to return the favour.

Kick off sponsorship with family and friends

Ask your most generous family members and friends to kick off your sponsorship – it sets a benchmark for others to follow.

Spread the word

Ask friends and family to help spread the word of your fundraising, via email, Facebook or Twitter.

Set a fundraising target

Set a fundraising target, so your friends and family know what you’re trying to achieve.


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Handy fundraising tools and resources

Getting people to sponsor you for your fundraising is what really makes the difference and we have lots of little ways to make it quick, easy and effective.

A free kit packed with ideas, tips, posters & more

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Create your own Twibbon
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£160 raised

Daniel from Worcester ducked, dived and dodged his way to raising £160 by holding a retro fancy dress dodgeball tournament at his local sport centre.

Can help change lives

This could buy a bicycle ambulance that can help pregnant women in rural Malawi to reach life-saving medical services.