How to pay your money in

Once you’ve finished your fantastic fundraising, you just need to pay in the life-changing cash you raised. The easiest way is online, but we’ve got lots of options for you. If your fundraising was on behalf of a school or nursery, please pay your money in here.


Pay your money in online using a credit or debit card.

Pay by card

In person

1. At any high street bank

Please use the giro slip in your Fundraising Kit, or ask for one at the counter after the Sport Relief weekend. (Don’t forget to fill in all the details on the Giro Slip so we know who raised the money).

2. At a building society

Ask to pay into the Sport Relief account.

3. At the Post Office

Ask to pay into Freepay Account 6777, which is the Sport Relief Account.

By post

Cheques or postal orders should be made payable to Sport Relief (Mile) or (Cycle) or (Swimathon), depending upon the event you took part in. If you didn’t take part in an organised event, make it payable to Sport Relief (Fundraise). They should be sent to:

Sport Relief 2014
Ernst & Young, PO Box 51543
London, SE1 2UG

Please don’t forget to attach the giro slip from your Fundraising Kit (if you have one), or a paying in form, and your sponsorship form. That way, we can claim Gift Aid where your sponsors have ticked the Gift Aid box and filled in their details.

Download paying in form

Send us your sponsorship forms

We can claim Gift Aid from your sponsors if you send us your completed sponsorship forms, with your cheque and Giro slip or a receipt of payment, to:

Sport Relief 2014, Ernst & Young, PO Box 51543, London, SE1 2UG

For any personal letters (without any cheques, receipts or sponsorship forms), please use our office address.

Schools and Nurseries paying in

If you raised money on behalf of a school or nursery, you’ve got your very own way to pay in.

Pay in now