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Shearer Vs Savage: The Battle of the Backsides

22nd February 2014

Footballing legends Robbie Savage and Alan Shearer today (Saturday 22nd February) announced that they will be going head to head in a Sport Relief Challenge like no other:

The Battle of the Backsides will see the pair frantically race to be the first to sit on half the seats in the iconic Wembley Stadium - a brutal 45,000 seats each! They have just five days to do it and it’s the first time a challenge like this has ever been attempted in the UK.

To complete this super sit off, experts estimate the duo will have to average a backside on a seat every four seconds meaning they’ll be competing for a minimum of ten hours a day.

It all kicks off on Monday 10th March at Wembley Stadium and the final whistle will be blown on Friday 14th March, when they each hope to be the first to reach the prestigious Royal Box.

To support them in this brutal task, as well as to be in with the chance to win some amazing prizes, the public can enter a competition at www.sportrelief.com/backsides.

Each competition entry costs £5, and there are some incredible prizes up for grabs including tickets to see England play at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, a day at the Wimbledon Championship or tickets to One Direction on their UK tour.

There’s a limited 90,000 competition entries available to represent the number of seats collectively sat on during the challenge.

Speaking about what’s in store, Alan Shearer said: “Even at the peak of my career this challenge would have been tough on my body. However, now I am a retired footballer – so it’s going to be a challenge of physical and mental endurance. I can’t let Rob win; I’d never live it down!”

And Robbie Savage admitted: “Alan does have an advantage as his butt is larger than mine – but my bottom is ready for the challenge!  …Wembley Stadium has always been kind to me when I played here during my career - let’s hope lady luck is on my side for this challenge.”

Alan and Robbie are putting their bottoms on the line in the hope of raising a lifesaving sum of cash to help change the lives of vulnerable children, as well as to transform lives in the UK and around the world.


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