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Step to Everest

9 March -  13 March

He's done it! Phil has completed his Step To Everest Challenge and reached Mount Everest’s Summit at 8,848m! There's still time to donate and all of the money raised will go towards supporting vulnerable people in the UK and abroad. 

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step to everest

During the week of Sport Relief, Radio 1 helped Phil’s dream become a reality and supersize his Sport Relief dream challenge to epic proportions...without even leaving the UK. Phil had always dreamt of climbing Mount Everest but has never been able to take time off for the lengthy training and preparation required. As an alternative, he hoped to tackle the world’s highest mountain by conquering its height and scaling a gruelling 8848 metres from the stairs at his home. Yet, Sport Relief and BBC Radio 1 had other plans and decided to take Phil on an adventure of a lifetime by supersizing his fundraising activity with the Step To Everest challenge. You can make a real difference to people living incredibly tough lives by supporting Phil.