So, what are you looking for?

Host a sports match

Prefer to make it more of a group thing? Luckily, fundraising and a bit of healthy competition have always been perfect team mates.

Raised money?

Pay it in now in whatever way suits you. The sooner you do, the sooner we can put it to work changing lives in the UK and across some of the world’s poorest communities.

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Ideas to get you started

Get a team involved

Host a charity sports match where players pay to enter. Any team game counts, from five-a-side football to netball to softball.

Old school sports day

Get nostalgic by holding an old-school sports day with sack races, a tug of war and a classic egg and spoon race. Get people to pay to enter.

Ultimate team tornament

Organise a pay-to-play, all-day battle across a range of team sports, for the prize of being crowned the ultimate sporting stars.

Tips and tools

Useful things

  • sponsorship top tip

    Raise some extra cash (and laughs) by asking your team mates to play your chosen sport in fancy dress.

Laura, her husband and children dressed as blue superheroes

£90 raised

Laura and her family were proper fundraising superheroes for Sport Relief 2016, completing the Mile in fancy dress to raise an impressive £90.

Hannah, a young mum who suffered from postnatal depression

Lives changed

In the UK, £90 could enable three isolated mums who are experiencing postnatal depression to attend a group therapy session to discuss their feelings, develop coping strategies and start to recover.