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BREAKING NEWS: Kylie does it ‘Especially for You’ this Sport Relief

10th March 2014

Kylie Minogue has agreed to do something pretty special, LIVE on British TV! Something she hasn’t done in over 25 years - and it’s all in the name of Sport Relief.

Hairbrushes at the ready…… the Queen of Pop will be joined by a very special guest as she delivers an unforgettable rendition of her classic duet ‘Especially for You’.

That’s right. The Aussie superstar wants to ‘forget the loneliness and the sorrow’ and plans to ‘bring out all the love inside you’ as she covers her 1989 hit on BBC One, Friday 21st March.

But who will she be sharing a microphone with??

Tune in to find out who’ll be sweeping the pop star off her feet in this exclusive and unmissable one-off performance.

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