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Annie Price's 'Diary of a New Mum'

New mum Annie Price was busy even before her baby came along. As a personal trainer with her own gym and presenter of three BBC documentaries, life was pretty hectic.

In her latest documentary 'Tiredness, Tears and Tantrums: Diary of a New Mum', Annie brings unfiltered honesty to being a new mum for the first time. The show will look at some of the harshest realities of being a new parent, from emotional lows to endless hospital trips.

Annie also visits a Sport Relief-funded project called the Balsam Centre, which has been supporting the local community in Somerset with their health and wellbeing for the last 15 years. The centre also runs an initiative called The Like Mind Project, which helps local women and men who are experiencing, or at risk of, perinatal mental health issues.

If you missed the show, you can catch it on iPlayer now or watch it on BBC One, 11.15pm on 27th March.