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Fight against malaria: Joe Wicks visits Sierra Leone

Last month Joe Wicks The Body Coach, whose day job is helping people in the UK to get fit and healthy, visited Sierra Leone to investigate how communities there are fighting back against malaria, which continues to have a devastating impact on the country.

Spending time in rural Port Loko District and the bustling capital, Freetown, Joe visited some of the projects supported by the Comic Relief and GSK partnership. Doctors, young people, parents and local radio DJs shared their take on the fight against malaria, what more needs to be done and why they’re never going to give up.

In Sierra Leone the entire population is at risk of malaria. But it’s not only malaria that makes life so difficult there - only 13% of the population have access to adequate toilet facilities, one in two people live on less than $1.25 a day and more than a third of the population don’t have access to clean drinking water.

Money raised this Sport Relief will help Comic Relief continue working with projects and people who are fighting malaria on the frontline.