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Sport is more than a kickabout in the park. It creates communities, improves health and wellbeing, saves lives and brings about social change the world over. Watch our films and use our learning resources to help your pupils understand how the money they raise this Sport Relief will make a difference.

Assembly and Films

Assembly and Films

Launch Sport Relief with child-led stories of how sport is improving young people’s lives in the UK and Africa. You’ll meet children from Johannesburg and Manchester, whose lives have been transformed by skateboarding.

Primary learning resources

  • A girl skateboards in Cape Town

    Johannesburg film

    media block

    For 11-year-old Precious, who lives in South Africa, the Skateistan skateboarding programme funded by Sport Relief has been life-changing. As well as giving her a safe place to play, she’s developed new life skills and is now a much happier and more confident person.


  • A girl skateboards in Manchester

    Manchester film

    media block

    The money you raise for Sport Relief goes to help projects like Projekts MCR, a community group in Manchester that aims to tackle gender stereotypes in sport and teach young people new skills. Projekts is a place for girls to socialise and gain confidence in a safe, supportive and fun environment.


More learning tools

P learning cards

Primary learning poster example

Learning poster

Use as the inspiration for a class discussion about Precious’ life and growing up in South Africa.


Primary topic maps contents

Topic maps - KS1 and KS2

Opportunities to explore Precious’ story in different curriculum areas, including PE, PSHE, English, geography and maths.


Primary games pack contents

Games pack

Perfect for quick and fun classroom activities in the run-up to Sport Relief and for last-minute fundraising.


Precious looking into the camera


Pupils can work through an online interactive story about 11-year-old Precious on their own or as a class. They’ll explore where she lives and how the skate project has changed her life.