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17, Bluebell Care Trust


Georgia sat her GCSE’s ten days after giving birth to her daughter and passed five of them. She says her baby girl pushed her even harder to do her best as she wants Lola to be proud of her and know that her arriving didn’t take away her mummy’s future. 

“The goal was to do it so that when Lola is older she will know I did this. I don’t want her to feel it was her fault that I didn’t get qualifications. Lola pushed me harder to do it.”

Being a young mum has been tough for Georgia from the outset. She was seventeen when she gave birth to her and due to her age was monitored closely by social services. After a traumatic labour where Georgia lost a great deal of blood and then Lola struggled to latch for feeding, Georgia felt sad and anxious.

“Social services were involved because I was under 18. It was just constant meetings with everyone. I know other mums of my age do need support from social services but I really didn’t. It was so stressful, being made to feel like I wasn’t good enough. I got really ill from it, I felt I was set up for failure.”

Lola’s father was adding to her depression as he was controlling and at times abusive. Things got so bad that she was cutting herself and finally she told her mum how unhappy she was.

“It was only a few weeks ago that I realised it, that it wasn’t right. I had pushed my mum and friends away and I was just stuck in a flat with my ex-partner who would come home and just say I hadn’t done enough. I thought his behaviour was normal.”

The turning point came when she was referred to Bluebell Care Trust, an organisation that receives cash raised by Sport Relief to help mums address their mental health problems. Georgia joined the mum’s Comfort Zone – a 12-week therapeutic group programme where she met other mum’s also going through tough times. Together, with her new friends they have taken part in activities like yoga, making memory boxes and receiving healthy living advice, all of which is helping them to manage their depression and anxiety.

“I was so scared to begin with. I didn’t want to come. I thought, I’m fine I don’t need it. I was scared to be judged by other mums. Now since coming here (to Little Bluebells) I feel free. I feel I can do this, Lola is mine and I can do it.”

Now, at a crucial stage of bonding with her daughter, Georgia is feeling happy, has left her partner and is facing the future with a positive attitude. She is determined to ensure that Lola has a good life and feels equipped to enjoy motherhood and the challenges ahead. One day she hopes to be a Social Worker.

More than one in ten women develop a mental illness during pregnancy or within the first year after having a baby. Organisations like Bluebell Care Trust provide these women with vital support. Your Sport Relief cash helps to fund projects like Bluebell Care Trust and thousands of other organisations in the UK and around the world.