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Step for Sport Relief

From 17 – 23 March, we challenged the nation to beat a billion steps a day, every day. As a nation we walked, danced, skipped and stepped to smash a billion on the last day of the challenge. Congratulations, you are awesome!

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Billion steps challenge

Raised money?

Pay it in now in whatever way suits you. The sooner you do, the sooner we can put it to work changing lives in the UK and across some of the world’s poorest communities.

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Idea1: Go the distance

Whether it’s 10km per day or Paris to London, set a target and get sponsored to step it on your own or as a team for the week of Sport Relief.

Idea 2: Step-off with friends

Set up a league in the app and have a pay-to-play ‘step-off’ with friends or workmates, with a prize for the winner.

idea 3 : complete an epic challenge

Get sponsored to take on one of our epic celebrity challenges in the app, either as an individual challenge, or as part of a team.

ideas, tips and tools

  • social media top tip

    Ask your friends and family to pass on the word for you via their social networks and email at work.

  • Take on 1,056,430 steps with friends

  • Take this 2,112,860 step challenge on if you dare

  • sponsorship top tip

    Hold a quiz night to boost your total with our very own, ready-made Sport Relief Quiz.