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What is Sport Relief?


Sport is powerful. 

It can bring us together, get us moving and make us shout at the telly or hug a total stranger. 

Sport Relief was created to harness that power - that passion - and raise money to help people who need it the most, no matter where they are - in the UK and around the world.

We work hard to find the best, most effective organisations here in the UK and around the world who are taking on the issues of mental healthchild povertydomestic abuse and helping people have a safe place to live. And when we find these organisations, we invest in them and their incredible work.

It’s a simple idea which can have huge impact - just like sport itself. 

Since last Sport Relief in 2018 we’ve invested £82 million to support people living incredibly tough lives in the UK and around the world. 

How your money helps 

Whether you donate to Sport Relief through breaking a sweat or buying a t-shirt, you'll be doing something extraordinary - helping another person out when they need it most. 

Since 2018 you’ve helped us support an incredible 13 million people. 



How your money helps

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You're giving a helping hand to a teenager with mental health problems. 

A mother and baby

You're providing vital maternal healthcare for mothers and babies. 

A woman holding a tissue

You're helping those at risk of trafficking or domestic abuse. 

South Africa

You're getting healthcare or water to people in urban slums. 

You do all this because the money you raise through Sport Relief is used to support organisations here in the UK and across the world. 

Sport isn't the only thing that's powerful - you are.

Our aims 

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Every year, 450 million people worldwide experience mental health problems. We’re tackling mental health stigma – as well as making sure people get the support they need. 

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Having a safe place to call home is a fundamental right of every person on the planet. 

But around the world, a shocking 1 in 5 people don't have the shelter they need. We're working to put that right.

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Every year millions of children still die before their 5th birthday, or grow up in poverty and neglect.

Great progress is being made - but it’s not happening fast enough and with your help we’re taking this on. 

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The idea that some of us are worth less because of our gender leads to real violence which costs lives. 

We work with organisations right on the frontline to help people speak out and seek help so they can escape fear, violence and intimidation. 

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The people you're helping 

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"It's given me a sense of purpose" 


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