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Sport Relief is back, and this year, it’s game on. So, whatever your gaming style, you can fundraise to help create a better future for people living incredibly tough lives, in the UK and around the world. Just get your mates together and take on a Game Raising challenge.

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An online fundraising page is the easiest way to collect sponsorship and donations. Set up your Game Raising page in a few quick clicks and JustGiving will take care of the rest.

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Need some fundraising ideas?

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Are you a Twitch pro? Why not use your skills to stream your most impressive speed run, complete an entire game (we’re talking every single achievement), or set yourself a marathon challenge? Get your friends and family to set you trials and sponsor you. And, of course, remember to game responsibly.

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Challenge your mates to a tournament of your favourite game, whether it’s FIFA, Risk or Mario Kart, everyone pays to enter, and the winner gets half of the pot with the rest going to Sport Relief.

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You could host an “ultimate games night” and charge an entry fee? Maybe give out a prize for the best cosplay? Or hold your own gaming-based bake sale (we like Pac Man cookies).

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Does everyone say you game too much? Why not get sponsored to commit to the ultimate Game Raising challenge and give up gaming for a week? A month? Or depending on your style, an hour? Do whatever you think you can manage, raise some cash for Sport Relief.

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Not got time to do your own Game Raising? Then why not watch one of your favourite streamers as they take on their own live gaming challenges. You can donate to change the outcome of the stream, set them challenges and even decide which forfeits they should face.

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Thanks to funding from Comic Relief’s Tech for Good initiative, DeafKidz International is developing a unique prototype mini game, DK Defenders, for Deaf children aged 6-10 to reduce their risk of abuse and exploitation. The game incorporates strong characters (as pictured on the left) with clear expressions, gestures, actions and minimal text, promoting learning, confidence, and most importantly, enabling Deaf children to self-advocate and self-protect. 

Become a Game Raiser and help raise money for more fantastic projects like this.



How do I stream on Twitch?

Don’t have a Twitch account? No problem, you can use this handy page to help you.


How do I connect my JustGiving page to Twitch?

It’s super simple – just follow the instructions on this page.


I don’t have Twitch – can I stream somewhere else?

Of course! You can use YouTube, Facebook Live or Mixer too.


How do I make sure I’m gaming sensibly and responsibly?

1. Stay hydrated – Drink plenty of water and keep away from too much caffeine and sugary drinks.
2. Take plenty of breaks – Stretch, get some time away from any screens, or even take a quick nap.
3. Stock up on healthy snacks like fruit and nuts to keep you going.
4. If you’re planning to do a marathon, make sure you get lots of sleep the night before.


How old do you have to be to be a Game Raiser?

You need to be 18 to set up a Just Giving page.


When can I carry out my Game Raising activity?

You can take part in the Game Raising campaign whenever works for you. Just sign up and get gaming!


I’ve got more questions – Who can I ask?

We’re here to help. Whether it’s tips for chasing last minute sponsors, or advice on which games to play, drop us an email at