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Get your gym, sports club or leisure centre involved with Sport Relief this week. Motivate staff, engage members and attract newbies by running a Sport Relief event.

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Pay it in now in whatever way suits you. The sooner you do, the sooner we can put it to work changing lives in the UK and across some of the world’s poorest communities.

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Tools to kick-start your fundraising

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Packed full of fundraising ideas, tips, tools, posters and more, it has everything you need.

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Sport Relief Giving Page example

A Giving Page lets you collect money online. It's quick to set up, simple to use and completely secure.

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Last minute fundraising ideas

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Two people arm wrestling

Trainer vs trainer

Ask your members to donate for the pleasure of seeing their instructors enter into battle with one another.

A Sport Relief money box

Collection box

Make your own collection boxes and place them in your classes, at reception or give them to your instructors.

A John McEnroe wig

Dress up

Encourage instructors to dress up as their favourite sporting icon for their classes and ask members to give a donation.

A leader board poster


How many sit-ups can you do in one go? How many kick ups can you do in a minute? Whatever the challenge, set up a leader-board and ask members to donate to enter.

Other fundraising ideas

The Nation's Billion Steps Challenge

Do a stepping challenge

Get that competitive blood pumping and see who can step the most for Sport Relief, members can pay to enter. Why not compete against rival gyms? 

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Show off your gym or club for Sport Relief

Host a Have a Go Day

Interest new members and excite existing ones to try new sports, activities and classes by hosting a special Have a Go Day. Encourage participants to give a donation at the end of their session.

Organise a charity sports match for Sport Relief

Charity sports match

Whether it’s a five-a-side kick-about, a softball hit-about or a netball throw-about, how’s about a charity sports match where players pay to play?

organise an endurance challenge for Sport Relief

Endurance challenge

Set up an exercise bike and get sponsored to pedal ALL day in a wheelie sweet team relay. How many miles do you think you could cover in one day?

Row the Thames for Sport Relief

Row the Thames

Get sponsored to row the distance of the River Thames on a rowing machine. Do it as an oarsome team and spread it over the week.

Organise a treadmill relay for Comic Relief

Tag-team treadmill

Ask your members to go full-Lycra for a treadmill relay and get sponsored to complete an epic distance, like from London to Brighton.


NEP Northumbria team raised £820!

£830 raised 

The NEP Northumbria team cycled an outstanding 1164 miles in a week long stationary bike ride challenge for Sport Relief 2016, raising a whopping £830!

£800 from Sport Relief enables a support worker to visit an isolated mum.

Lives changed

£800 could enable a support worker in the UK to visit an isolated mum for more than a year, helping her overcome postnatal depression.