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They've done it! Alex Jones and a team of four inspirational mums took on five days of gruelling challenges, around the UK, for Sport Relief. They’ve put their bodies to the test to raise life-changing money and awareness of important issues around maternal health. What total, absolute legends!



So far the mums have raised:


The challenge


    They've done it! The mums cross the finish line

  • One of the mum's cycling up hill


    The mums tackle the penultimate day of their challenge

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    The mums tackle the penultimate day of their challenge. 

  • The mum's near the finish on their cycle!


    The mums are over halfway through their gruelling week

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    The mums tackle an epic cycle on day 3 of the Mother of all Challenges.


    Despite a gruelling hill, the mums complete day three!

  • The mums cycling in the Lake District


    The mums are taking to their bikes for three of the highest passes in the lake district

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    Day 3 of the Mother of All Challenges sees the mums cycling up 3 of the highest passes in the Lake District.

  • The mum's complete the hike


    The mums finish their hike

  • Mums in the lake district


    Helvellyn looms overhead as the mums lace up their hiking boots for next stage of the challenge!

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    The mums lace up their hiking boots and take on the Lake District!


    Celebrating the finish of the gruelling open water swim!

  • Mums day one


    See what’s coming as the mums face the cold of Loch Ness for day one of The Mother of all Challenges!

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    The mum's take on Loch Ness on day one of their challenge!

  • Alex Jones and her team of mums


    Find out what’s in store for Alex and the mums as they take on The Mother of all Challenges

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    The Mother of All Challenges is coming.

The challenge

Day one - Cold water swimming

Day one

Starting at Loch Ness on Sunday 11th March – Mother’s Day – the team will be braving the cold as they swim across Scotland’s most famous loch.

Day two - Hiking

Day two

The mums lace up their hiking boots as they try to conquer Helvellyn, via Swirral Edge, in the Lake District. This gruelling mix of climbing and walking includes a daunting ascent of almost 1km.

Day three - Cycling

Day three

There’s no let-up in sight as the team cycle up three of the Lake District’s toughest passes.

Day four - Caving

Day four

Heading deep underground, they’ll have to crawl their way through tight passages and navigate a maze of dark caverns to make it out of Porth Yr Ogof cave in the Brecon Beacons.

Day five - Marathon

Day five

The final day of the challenge on 16th March culminates in, quite literally, a marathon finish, as our fearless mums tackle a run across the hilly Welsh coast.

Meet the mums

Alex is taking on the challenge with four mums who have first-hand experience of maternal health issues who want to raise awareness of this important issue, as well as cash for Sport Relief.

MOC Meet the mums


Amal, 31, Wimbledon

Amal went from being the “fittest she’d ever been” to being barely able to exercise after giving birth. She struggled terribly with postnatal depression, but she is keen to use the challenge as an almighty platform to raise awareness about mental health surrounding childbirth.


Debbie, 50, Bristol

After a traumatic birth and uncertainty of her daughters long term prognosis, Debbie experienced severe depression. She sought counselling, which she described as an amazing help. Debbie thinks life at 50 has become a bit easy now, so is relishing the challenge and the chance to mix it up a bit!


Jodi, 28, Bristol

Jodi experienced severe postnatal depression, after a traumatic birth. She met her new partner and decided to have another child, but a second bout of depression linked to her pregnancy was even stronger than the first. In the event of the birth, she had to undergo an emergency c-section.


Leigh, 44, Glasgow

Leigh and her husband Colin struggled to get pregnant 15 years ago, so chose to try IVF. Unfortunately, though she became pregnant after the first round of IVF, Leigh had a miscarriage. At the second attempt however she gave birth to healthy twins – “one pink, one blue.”