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Meet Sami 

"It's given me a sense of purpose"

Big Brother is a youth project in Yorkshire using sports and peer role modelling to empower communities and encourage young people to build a positive path in life. Sami shares how after struggling with bullying and not having a strong male role model in his life, Big Brother supported him.

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‘When I joined Big Brother I thought it was just sport, now I look at it and see the whole picture – it helped me improve as a person and it can help others improve their ability to be confident and stand up for themselves. It’s life changing and has given me a sense of purpose.

My mum was very supportive and knows every friend I have. She's seen other kids lie to their mum and go somewhere they shouldn't, so she had an instinct for me to build a bond so I wouldn't fall into the hole some other kids from my class have.

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I didn’t really have a male role model that I was close to but my mentor at Big Brother, Abdul-Malik, could really relate to what I was going through and I really respected him. He encouraged me with studying and sports and I appreciate him for that. I feel more confident and a stronger person mentally. 

In year 9 I went to a different school because my grades were slipping. Abdul-Malik tutored me - pushing me and encouraging me. He has a little brother my age and I think he looks at me the same way. I appreciate him for that.

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If I listen to his advice there’s a 99% chance that I will get somewhere in life. I know he believe in me, that he cares. Now I want to be that same role model for younger boys at Big Brother. I want to make that kind of difference to someone else’s life.'

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